OFFROAD Aluminum roof tent


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In the shipping price, there is added € 18.15 of comprehensive insurance for a value of € 1800. Plus € 12 for a custom-made pallet to ensure good transport.

Keep in mind that when you receive the product with DB SCHENKER, you have to check that it comes with the pallet with its black straps, if you receive the store without the pallet it means that it has been manipulated in transport and you have to indicate on the delivery note: Delivered with manipulated packaging.

And if there is any hole in the box, blow or any anomaly, note on the delivery note: Delivered with packaging in poor condition. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Since the shipment is by truck, they work with the CMR regulations and if you do not write this down, the insurance does not cover anything, and they are not responsible.

If you do not write down anything, there will be no record and if there is a problem caused by transportation, the insurance will not cover it. And we are not responsible for this.

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New model of OFFROAD roof tent made of very resistant aluminum panels.

It has two side windows and a main door all with better quality SBS mesh and zipper, with included brackets to fix the aluminum ladder. With multiple pockets for storing objects both on the sides and on the ceiling, removable shoe racks with a staff and a key lock.

Includes, aluminum telescopic ladder, support rods and a USB rechargeable indoor led light,

The upper case is prepared for the attachment of luggage racks, we sell them separately, they cost € 89 per pair.

Being wedge-shaped, from what we have tested for people taller than 180 cm, it is not recommended since cm is lost for the feet. We have tested with a person of 190cm and inclined if it enters but it can be uncomfortable, but we recommend better for people who measure less than 180cm. If you are taller we recommend the rectangular model.

Exterior measurements:
- Open: 218 x 138 x 150 (cm) (height to vertex)
- Closed height: 218 x 138 x 17.3 (cm)

Interior measurements:
- Max interior height: 137 (cm) (height to vertex)
- Mattress thickness: 5 (cm)
- Mattress 202 x 120 (cm)

- 65kg

- Upper and base shell material: ALUMINUM Honeycomb (honeycomb)
- PU4000 UPF50 + waterproof 280D Oxford fabric
- Mattress: high density, thickness 5cm / 2.02 x 1.20 (m)
- Ladder: telescopic aluminum,
- Roof trim
- A front door and two side windows (with ladder supports at all entrances)
- Fastening of the main door type awning with fiber rods.
- All windows and doors have a zippered mosquito net.


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