Fridge freezer 90L Alpicool CR90


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*Being a non portable fridge/freezer, it only brings a piece of cable with + and - so, the customer has to do the final installation.

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 Fridge / freezer

With compressor

 90L of capacity

With Bluetooth integrated, to control the temperature and OFF/ON from the phone

With electromagnetic compatibility

Work temperature from -18ºc to 8ºC (Freezer and fridge combination)

Led interior lighting

CE Emark Approved

Really versatile, useful for everyone: Car / Truck / Van / Motorhome / Camper / Boat / For Home / Garage / Dorm / Cottage / RV / Outdoor...

Alpicool is a worldwide recognized brand for being one of the best. Because of its great quality at the best price, it is the most chosen option by everybody. Elegant, modern, useful, resistant; take it with you wherever you go, protect your food and keep your drinks cool and fresh; Do you have frozen food? Don`t worry! Without a doubt, Alpicool will become the indispensable for all your outings and excursions.

*RATED POWER INPUT: 45W is based on 25ºC ambient temperature. For 32ºC ambient temperature is 60W.

Alpicool 12/24V DC refrigerator offers excellent cooling performance for compact kitchen. Advance compressor technology keeps your food fresh with super low energy consumption in whole journey. The interior design maximizes the storage flexibility.

Combination Refrigerator/Freezer or Solo Refrigerator

Digital display control panel 

Door latch to ensure door close during movement

Removable door bins for easy cleaning

Great performance with optimized power consumption

Easy kitchen cabinet installation

3 stage battery low voltage protection

With Alpicool compressor, which have 3 warranty years
Bluetooth enabled App for use from your Iphone/Android device
Replaceable gasket for easy cleaning

Alpicool CR90 fridge freezer

Incredible fridge freezer with compressor and integrated electronics, 90 liters capacity, brand Alpicool model CR90 of the best value for money!

Dimensions: 485*418*975 mm

3 years warranty on the compressor

You can download the attached EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility certificate from the manufacturer. Based on the EU Directive 2004/104 / EC Annex I 3.2.9, and EN50498: 2010 Chapter 1, Car refrigerators do not need to be E-MARK


Connect Alpicool bluetooth

Instructions to connect the fridge freezer Alpicool to your phone using bluetooth - LED4x4

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