Fridge freezer 50L Alpicool C50
      Fridge freezer 50L Alpicool C50
      Fridge freezer 50L Alpicool C50
      Fridge freezer 50L Alpicool C50
      Fridge freezer 50L Alpicool C50

      Fridge freezer 50L Alpicool C50

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      Fridge / portable freezer

      With compressor

      Cable with plug to lighter and also for 220V (suitable for vehicles, boats, home...) DC power 12V / 24V, AC voltage 110V-240V external transformer included.

      50L capacity

      With built-in Bluetooth electronics, for temperature control and on from mobile

      With electromagnetic compatibility

      Working temperature from -20oC to 20oC

      Eco mode and Max mode.

      Interior lighting Led

      CE mark Approved

      Very versatile, useful for everyone: Car / Truck / Van / RV / Camper / Boat / For the home / Cabin / House of campo / Garage / Outside ... It works for all connections, AC/DC converter included.

      Alpicool it's a world-renowned brand for being one of the best. Thanks to its high quality at the best price, it is the most popular choice for everyone. Stylish, modern, useful, durable, designed with a sturdy construction, to withstand the most extreme conditions of the 4X4; take it with you wherever you go, protect your food and keep your drinks fresh; what do you need to take frozen? , don't worry! the working temperature of our Alpicool it's -20 degrees to 20 degrees. No doubt about it Alpicool it will become indispensable for all your outings and excursions.

      * Rated power: 45W when ambient temperature is 25oC. If the ambient temperature is 32°C, then it's 60W.

      The C Series keeps your food and drinks cool and fresh while you're in the car or outdoors. With superior quality and innovative design to meet your needs, you can easily set the temperature you want and different modes (ECO / MAX.) on our LCD control panel.

      FREEZE WITHOUT ICE: Powerful cooling performance, from -20°C ((-4°F) to 20°C ((68°F).

      SAVING THE CAR BATTERY: With the temperature memory function and three-stage battery protection system, it prevents the vehicle from running out of battery.

      The vehicle shall be equipped with: Built-in LED light, inner drain cap for easy cleaning and chain.

      The vehicle shall be equipped with: Handles for easy transport, touch panel with LCD screen and cap with lock.

      ROBUST DESIGN: Impact-resistant and durable design, suitable for rocky sites. Safe to drive on places with an incline of less than 45 degrees.

      SILENT OPERATION: Less than 45dB of noise.

      ENERGY SAVING (MAXIMUM MODE & ECHO): Two different modes can be adjusted as needed. The compressor will stop working when the freezer reaches the set temperature, and will start working again when the indoor temperature has risen from 6 degrees Fahrenheit to 9 degrees Fahrenheit.

      With compressor Alpicool, which has a 3-year warranty
      App for Bluetooth for use from your Iphone / Android
      Water drainage system / Drain cap for easy cleaning

      Fridge freezer Alpicool C50

      That 's incredible fridge freezer with compressor and integrated electronics, of a capacity of 50 litres, brand Alpicool c50 model of the best value for money!

      Size: 652*363*491 mm

      3 years warranty on the compressor



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      Connect bluetooth Alpicool

      Manual for connecting the fridge freezer Alpicool to your cell phone via bluetooth - Led4x4

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