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Fast ice cubes maker Alpicool ICE16


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Portable ice cubes maker, for car or home

With compressor

Wiring with plug to the cigarette lighter and also for 220V (suitable for vehicles, boats, home...) Power supply DC voltage 12V / 24V, AC voltage 110V-240V external transformer included.

 2-size ice cubes, small ones take 5-6 minutes and large ones 7-8 minutes

With electromagnetic compatibility

CE Emark Approved

Really versatile, useful for everyone: Car / Truck / Van / Motorhome / Camper / Boat / For Home / Garage / Dorm / Cottage / RV / Outdoor... Serves for all connections, AC/DC converter included.

Alpicool is a worldwide recognized brand for being one of the best. Because of its great quality at the best price, it is the most chosen option by everybody. Elegant, modern, useful, resistant, designed to withstand the most extreme conditions of the 4X4; take it with you wherever you go, to keep those ice cubes close at hand that cheer up drinks so much when the heat rages. Without a doubt, Alpicool ICE16 will become the essential for all your outings and excursions.

*RATED POWER INPUT: 45W is based on 25ºC ambient temperature. For 32ºC ambient temperature is 60W.

Always have enough ice cubes for a cold drink with this Alpicool ICE16 ice maker. It produces ice cubes in two sizes less than 7 minutes, and features a compact design with convenient handle that helps make it easily portable. Touch control panel with snow flake design makes it simple to choose different running modes with different colors. Simply fill the reservoir with water and select the desired cube size. Whether you are entertaining friends during the holidays or need a way to enjoy outdoor living with cold lemonade in those scorching summer months, the ICE16 26 pound ice maker will make every season that much easier.

COMPRESSOR COOLING: Better performance and energy saving.

MULTIPLE ICE CUBE SIZES: Making small size in 5 minutes, big size ice in 7 minutes.

EASY-TO-SERVE: Ice scoop included to easily fill cups and glasses.

ICE BASKET: 1.5 lbs ice basket capacity meets daily needsIce basket easily removes to transfer ice.

DRAIN PLUG: Easily drain water from the unit when not in use.

SLEEK DESIGN: Compact, portable and convenient countertop design.

CONTROL PANEL LIGHTS: LED lights illuminate to indicate ice size, adding water and ice full with different colors.

With Alpicool compressor, which have 3 warranty years
Water discharge system / Easy drain for easy clean

Alpicool ICE16 portable ice cube maker

Dimensions: 237x350x352 mm

3 years warranty on the compressor

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