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    Bravo Snorkel Ford Ranger OTHER
    Bravo Snorkel Ford Ranger OTHER

    Bravo Snorkel Ford Ranger OTHER

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    Our products Bravo Snorkel have become benchmarks on the market for their outstanding characteristics. Find out why professionals and discerning users already trust Bravo Snorkel.

    1. Snorkel

    Made of polyethylene and one piece by rotational molding, wide thickness for high strength and durability. For the purposes of this Regulation, the following definitions shall apply:.

    2. HEAD

    Design of alto flow rate for maximum performance and with slots for water drainage. One piece in LLDPE ExxonMobilTM and removable grille. Available for snorkels with diameters: 89mm (3,5”) and 77mm (3”).

    3. DUCTS

    Included in all kits, resistant to high temperatures and pressures to provide optimal airflow to the engine.

    Made of PP, LLDPE, EPDM... according to configuration and application of each kit for a watertight and precise installation.


    Screw: stainless steel series 316 and 304, with self-locking nuts for safe installation.

    Pletins: precise fit, in laser cut alloys and with surface treatment.

    Nylon tacos: firm grip, insulating the body plate to prevent vibration and corrosion.


    Specific to each model with indications of positioning and body piercing, included within each case. Other indoor templates may be included if necessary for installation.

    All of us Snorkel Kits include a certificate of compliance with the European Directives (EC) applicable to them for use on public roads, as well as the material used in their manufacture and product identification elements.

    It is complemented by additional certification by the authorized external engineering company REINVAC, validating the suitability of the product for the European market.

    Bravo Snorkel

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    Bravo Snorkel Ford Ranger OTHER

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